Monday, January 10, 2011

candy heart bib necklaces.

we are snowed in.
the weatherman says we got somewhere between 6 and 10 inches.
schools are closed and we are home together.

this morning while we (were supposed to be) working on a school project, anna and i started making candy heart necklaces. they kinda remind me of the "bib" necklaces everyone is wearing, but a kid-friendly/homemade crafty version.
aren't they cute?

here's what you need:
foam hearts, our's are actually stickers but we left the backing on
stretchy string, like the kind used for making bracelets
a sewing needle
markers, stickers, whatever else you can think of.

pick some foam hearts and lay them out how you like
pretty them up, layer them, doodle on them, monogram them, whatever you like
thread the needle with the string
starting from the back of the heart, thread the hearts together.

tie it to desired length and trim the string.

because the string is stretchy, it easily slips over little heads with having to be retied.

anna now has four necklaces, some with big hearts, some little.
and she made one for her bff and her teacher.

outside the snow has started to fall again.
being snowed in is fun, especially when we're creating together.

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