Wednesday, February 1, 2012

craft weekend.

just a couple of weeks ago, i decided to buy a plane ticket and head to kansas again.
i was dragging my feet, unsure of what to do, feeling guilty about treating myself.
(mommy guilt--is there anything worse?)
but i knew i would be filled with regret if i didn't go see my friends.
the craft weekend girls have supported me through thick and thin.
they have rallied around our adoption and have each contributed something special to this journey we are on.
i needed to see them again.
friday morning, at 6:00 am, i headed to kansas.
i had butterflies in my stomach.


i arrived in kansas a little past 11.
ashley was on her way to meg's too and she was kind enough to give me a ride.
we shared our latest adoption stories and stopped to pick up lunch.
china and eastern europe seem oh so far away.
our lives are changing in a big, lovely way.
before i know it, we are on meg's front porch.


chicago jenny and meg are busy setting up the dining room/craft space.
there are supplies and fabric everywhere.
kimberlee is fast behind, with a car load of groceries and goodies.
the contractor working on meg's new hall bath is just leaving. whew.
we set off cleaning and preparing for the craft weekend girls.
flowers are set out, dinner started, bathrooms and bedrooms cleaned, things organized for the weekend.
meg's friend jana texts us--the girls are on their way from the airport.


the house is all a-glow.
the margaritas are made.
the countertops sparkle.
the craft weekend girls arrive and are in awe.
chicago jenny and i stay in the kitchen so kimberlee can meet and mingle.
we are referred to as meg's minions.
fruit and nut chili (also known as topeka chili or bruce's aunts chili) is served.
it has cinnamon and curry in it.
so different and so yum.
i can't help but giggle at how happy everyone is to be here.
the crafting has started.
up first, ruffle aprons.


i stay up so late, listening to the girls get to know each other, watching meg entertain so effortlessly.
we eat cheesecake with a fudge stripe cookie crust.
oh my.
everyone seems so content.
busy, happy, sewing hands.
i don't sleep well at all--way too excited and way too tired.


we wake to homemade cinnamon rolls, breakfast bread pudding, fruit and yogurt.
first order of business today: antiquing.
we hit "bearly maken'it antiques" and the barn.
i find a few things for the shop that i'm excited to show you.
a sonic stop is the perfect afternoon snack.
vanilla coke and chili cheese coney, anyone?


back to meg's home and the crafting continues.
canvases, totes, banners.
beautiful fabric messes everywhere.
laughter. so much laughter.
spicy chicken enchiladas with cilantro corn and tomato salad.
peanut butter cake with chocolate ganache icing.
sewing, painting, modge podging, smiling.


i am so tired i go and sit by myself on meg's couch with a magazine.
i need a break.
no sleep for a few days is leaving me drained.
kimberlee joins me.
we chat about our children and the challenges of parenting.
we are different and we are the same--it's nice to be heard.
before we know it, several others join us and silliness ensued.
we erupt with laughter.
we are LOUDDDDD.
these girls are down to earth, real, and a whole lotta fun.


another late night and early morning.
another big breakfast.
more big laughs.
i pack up my things with a heavy heart.
we take pictures of our crafts, of our room mates, of our new friends.
the day seems to evaporate.
we load up and thank our gracious hosts.
the caravan to the airport begins.
we have lunch and wait for our flights.
i watch friends say goodbye.
we are all a bit teary-eyed.
i board my plane, and in a flash i am home and in my bed.


i wish i had more time.
i wish i had more time with chicago jenny, meg, with tara, with jade, with kimberlee (all of the kims) and jessica, with all of the girls.
craft weekend is a time for crafting, of course, for making things with your hands, using your creativity, inspiring yourself and those around you, but somehow really it feels so much more than that.
it is a chance to make and kindle friendships, to laugh and learn about one another, to eat really great food and relax.
this time away is a gift.

photo by jana/meg duerksen.


if you are interested in attending a craft weekend for yourself, be sure and check out meg's craft weekend website.
if you want to read more about this past weekend check out a few more stories:


tara, chicago jenny, kimberly...we are waiting to read yours next!
i don't know about you, but i am feeling inspired!
maybe we need an alabama craft weekend?
beach trip/craft weekend?
yes, yes.


Blessed Serendipity said...

Wow what a perfect little getaway for you and your classmates/friends. I would love to do something like that. I love your ruffled aprons.


Danielle said...

It looked like a lot of fun! So happy for you to be able to have some girl time for yourself:)

Keely said...

So, so fun! Great descriptions and pictures! It almost feel like I was there (okay maybe I WISH I had been there!) And by the way, the house you stayed in looks adorable!!!

Kathie M. said...

Love it. I am trying to put together a fun weekend like that here in my hometown with some of the craft & not so crafty girls I know...I always love hearing about the projects and seeing all of your photos!! :D Looks like a great time!

Jessica Johnson said...

Can we please have an Alabama football camp weekend? Rooooooooolllllll tide.

LOVED you. Loved your recap. Wish it was a craft week.

Jade Cook said...

i am ALL about a craft weekend in alabama. as long as some of the crafts can be made from a beach chair! so great to meet you!!!

Kristi said...

Hi Amy, followed the link from the craft weekend blog. I'm drooling over your pictures and projects and dreaming of being so brave someday.

I really love Meg's house and decor. I hope you don't mind me pinning!!!


{cuppakim} said...

i'm with jessica. i want a bama inspired craft weekend. i'm thinking all red and houndstooth fabric. ROLL TIDE.

we've already booked our flights.

also, sorry to crash you and kimberlee's bonding time on the couch. WHOOPS!

so glad you got that glamor shot of me trouncing on meg's furniture up here. hahahaha.

Amber said...

Amy, I was looking for pictures of "my" Konner, and found several of Davis on a foreign website. You may already have them, but I wanted to give you the link just in case you didn't. If you'd like the link, please email me at amberlowmiddleton at gmail dot com.

meg duerksen said...

it was much too short!
i was SO happy you were there.
and that jenny found out you work at nasa! thank goodness i told her!
i am so glad you were a part of CW. i knew everyone would love you like i do. your pictures make my house look GOOD! i love them.
i may snag them for my home sweet home button.....
miss you!!!!

Christy said...

I am so up for a craft weekend in AL - my home state:) It was great meeting you! I had so much fun!