Monday, August 10, 2015

a miracle for vasya.

It’s been a long time for me.  
I haven’t visited this little sad blog in a long time and it feels strange to be here.  
But today I have good reason to blow the proverbial dust off this lonely place and tap my fingers on the keyboard once again.  
The tide has changed and our family’s story has again taken another turn.
A few weeks ago, I read a fb post from a friend named Sara.  
She posted pictures of her beautiful “daughter”—the little girl she loves who is stuck in a Russian orphanage with our Davis.  
I looked at the pictures and my fingers immediately typed in the web address for the orphanage website.  
My heart searched for new photos of Davis.  No luck.  
Then immediately I searched the Russian orphan database where his photo has been removed for months.  
No update, no such child.  
Heart heavy and filled with concern, I then turned back to my friend Sara.  
I messaged her.  
She has connections in Russia.  
Could she possibly find an updated photo of my boy for me?  
I need to know he’s ok.  
He may have been transferred (to a mental institution) and I need to know.  
I just need to know.  
We are kindred spirits—having lived the same nightmare, she gets it completely.  
She messaged me almost immediately and inquired, “Would you like me to ask my Russian friend to help?” 

Sunday morning Sara messaged me again.  
My phone buzzed on the kitchen island and I lazily glanced at it while Michael and I were chatting.  
I stopped mid-sentence.  
I slid my finger over her name on my phone and began reading:

A reply from my friend Irina in Tver: "And its especially so at your request to learn about the boy Vasya, I was immensely pleased to hear from the director of the orphanage, that the boy was indeed in a period of time with them, but now parents are restored in their rights and the boy soon will in its complete family, with relatives his mom and dad!!!"”

The tears came immediately.  
I reread the message.  
And again. And again.
Could I possibly be reading this correctly?  

Davis (Vasya) is going to live with his biological parents!  
After signing away their rights so we could adopt him, they have worked to have them restored.  
He will no longer be at the orphanage, he will live with his “complete family!” 

You guys.  Can you even?

Cue the ugly cry.  
Times ten thousand.

I have written a million times about my agony, my pain, my deep, dark sadness over losing Davis.  You all have shared that with me—there and back again.  
Now, please join me in PRAISE and PRAYER as Davis’ family takes this incredibly brave decision to reunite their son with his rightful family!  
God, the true redeemer, the wish granter, my loving father, has worked a MIRACLE.  
I stand in awe of the details, the way He crafted this story.  
All of the clichés are TRUTH. 

God’s great timing. 

When He’s doing one thing, He’s doing a hundred others. 

He hears our cries. 

He is faithful to those who believe. 

He sets the lonely in families.

Davis has a family.  
He is loved.  
He is chosen.  
And my dream has come true.  
My sweet baby has his family.

We will always cherish and choose Davis.
Today we give thanks to God for this amazing blessing!


Karen said...

Oh my stars! Praise God for this miracle. God has worked a mighty miracle for Davis. I will pray fervently that his parents will continue to work hard to get Davis home. I'll pray that Davis feels so loved and wanted. This was the best news! I've thought and prayed for your boy! Thank you for the update, Amy! Beaming with joy for Davis!

Unknown said...

This is awesome!!

Jody said...

Wow! Absolutely amazing!! Praise God. So thankful you have news regarding your Davis and it is GOOD news. God is good ALL the time (even when we don't always understand his ways in the moment). What a precious gift you've been given! Blessings to you and yours!

chachismemories said...

Amazing! God has a plan and reason for everything.

Katrina said...

Crying happy tears with you. What a huge blessing to be able to find out he is finally home. Praying God will give his family the resources they need and your sweet Davis will be forever loved by both families.

Anonymous said...

I have been following you blog and I hurt with you as read. I am so overjoyed with you now hearing about God's Miracle. Praise the Lord!

Megan O. said...

Wow, wow, wow! Thank you, Lord for good news! In all the ugly things happening in the world today it's so refreshing to a weary soul to hear something so wonderful! (Don't know if I've commented here before but I've been following your journey along with our good friends the Kelleys)

Einstein's Brain said...

I am SO happy that Davis won't be stuck in the orphanage anymore. Thank God!