Tuesday, May 20, 2008

beach house

i am becoming obsessed with the idea of someday owning my own beach house. for those of you who have been to my current home, you know that i incorporate something beachy in almost every room--i have to, it's something that i love. growing up spending lazy summer days at ocean city, nj and later stone harbor, i need to see those beachy things around me for it feel like summer, and to feel like home.

and it's not just me. the kids and john are also in on this. anna asks us at least once a week, sometimes more, when we are going back to aunt julie's house in gulf shores, al. there is nothing they enjoy more than the freedom of roaming the shore, looking for shells and sand dollars, eating pb&j's by the dozen, and listening to the gentle lull of the ocean. i am so grateful they have inherited my love for this special place too.

my most recent obsession is this house. check out these pictures.

maybe one day we'll hit the lottery and something like this will be our's. for me, it is 100% pure bliss.

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nana said...

i want this house too!