Saturday, May 31, 2008

hot and sticky

the temps around here are soaring. yesterday afternoon it was a little over 90 degrees outside. when we picked up josh from kidz kamp, they were doing this. no wonder he loves it so much.

then, on the way home, we treated ourselves to ice cream. just an appetizer really. i did actually feed the kids dinners too. well, if lunchables count. (wink)

today we are up and at 'em early. ben is full of energy from a good night's sleep. anna is in rare form--i'm imagining a day full of timeouts and it's only 6:45am. and josh is already asking to play the wii. where do these children get all this energy? if i could bottle it, i would be a billionaire. i'm off to fix this crew some breakfast. ice cream sounds good, right?

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