Wednesday, May 28, 2008

long weekend fun

our friends, vic and jas, came to visit this weekend and brought along their son lil' vic. we did the typical memorial day stuff: hung out the flag (of course), grilled, swam and ate a couple boxes of popsicles. life seemed to slow down a bit and we all enjoyed the lazy (and super hot) days of early summer.

the kids seemed to hit it off almost instantly. it was pretty funny to watch them all in action, doing the silly things that kids like to do best. lots of giggling and making messes.

when it was time for them to pack up and return to pennsylvania, we were all sad and very, very tired!

tonight we're taking it easy. josh started at his summer camp and said it was great. arts and crafts and ice cream. sounds so much better than my day. work was long and hard for me today. i missed my babies and their sweet smiles. with grins like this, who wouldn't?

sorry for the killer long post, but i bet you've missed their smiles almost as much as i did today too! time to get the kiddos in bed. 'night.

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nana said...

I miss the babies too! Loved the pics of everyone. I've really miss the daily post! Keep them coming. I'm so glad Josh likes the day camp.I was really worried about that. Well going to bed too. Talk to you tomorrow! Love and kisses, Nana