Sunday, June 8, 2008

95 and counting

it is so stinkin hot here. the kids only want to go outside if popsicles or the pool are involved. john actually mowed--in his bathing suit! later he and josh ran through the sprinklers to cool off.

we stripped ben down to his diaper and he loved sipping from my lemonade. is there anything in this world cuter than this? (that's only a water gun by the way)

anna fell asleep on the couch and missed pizza and salad for dinner. that's ok--josh ate almost four slices so he ate for the both of them!

back to work tomorrow. i know, i hate work too. weekends are too short.

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nana said...

Stinking hot here too. Dad and i worked last night and we are both dragging today. Have another night to work dad two more. Loved the pics and yes Ben is sooooo sweet. Can't wait to see all. Will be there soon.(hope they don't cancel our flight! Love to all,Nana and Poppy