Sunday, June 29, 2008

everybody was kung fu fighting

i took the kiddos to see kung fu panda this morning at the new monaco theatre. they thought it was hysterical. in fact, during the last few scenes, all i could hear was josh laughing out loud.

after all the popcorn and cherry pepsi, we stopped by the huge fountain out front and made a few wishes.

anna wished for all of josh's pokemon cards and josh wished that one day he can be a daddy. isn't that the sweetest ever??

we hit mcdonald's on the way home and loaded up on some happy meals.

now they are off to a bowling birthday party. that's the one thing about having kids--they always keep you busy.

after they left with john, i gave ben a bottle and rocked him to sleep. i couldn't help but hold him a little longer, kiss him a few more times, breathe in his sweet smell a little bit more. all of the children are growing up so fast. and as much as i am ready to stop buying formula and diapers, i am certainly not ready to give up one minute with my babies.

happy. busy. day.

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