Monday, June 30, 2008

the neglected room

there is a little room in my house where i seem to spend beau coups time. i work in there almost every single day and yet i don't ever think of making it lovely to look at. i mean, it's functional and it's user-friendly, but visually appealing...not so much.

you've probably guessed. it's my laundry room. and when i saw these pictures of this laundry room, i instantly added this task to my list too. wouldn't you want to do laundry in here??

then i saw this group of pictures and thought "hmmm, i could so totally do this!" i think we need some of these of the kiddos' in the new craft room. click on the picture to see it bigger.

so add this to the list too. i just love the textured photos with the child's photos, and of course, the letters. melissa, if you read this, let's work on some of these!

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