Tuesday, June 3, 2008

tired boy

ben was such a tired boy. he is fighting a warm weather cold--the worst. he is full of boogers and very clingy. my poor sweet boy. but despite the cold, he still managed to shower us all with love--even giving anna's teacher a big wet kiss!

while john gave ben an early bath, i ran around with josh. we discovered that some of our hydrangeas were ready to come inside. they are making us all smile.

i hope the hydrangeas have a good year so we can enjoy them for months to come.

the garden we planted this spring is finally up and growing too. every day, it changes a little more. the kids love discovering--a new tiny green tomato or a new sprout in the wild flower bed.

i bet you thought martha lived here, right? isn't it so pretty?

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nana said...

can john come to nj and make me a garden too! i also need my rooms painted and etc.,etc,etc! love all the pics and ideas. see all of you soon. love nana