Tuesday, July 8, 2008


the kids have been tough to handle tonight. ben threw/spilled his cup of milk down my pants and didn't want anything to do with bedtime. as soon as he was finished with dinner, josh wanted to eat junk--only junk--and begged us relentlessly for it. anna spit at our neighbor's son and then refused to give john her popsicle which resulted in him chasing her around the front yard while she screamed bloody murder. i felt angry and tired and very out-of-control.

but then, as i was sitting down on the couch to collect myself, buck (my golden lab) came over to me and looking at me with his deep brown eyes, nuzzled my hand. so i sat there while the world was buzzing around me, while these little people were all hollering and yelping for me to do this and get this, i sat there and loved on him. he knew i needed a few minutes and he wanted to do his part. i was grateful.

now the kiddos are all in bed and the house is quiet except for the hum of the baby monitor and the dryer. and just like my cell phone and camera, i am in recharge mode.

let's hope my battery gets full before they pull the plug on me and i start my next day, another day of the hollering and yelping and the buzzing of my spirited children.

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