Wednesday, July 16, 2008

supper time!

tonight i was very proud of our supper. i made garlic shrimp with a basil parsley sauce, homegrown tomato feta salad and french bread. it was so fresh tasting and so delish. i felt so proud that all of the herbs and tomatos came from our garden. and the freshness of the ingredients made everything taste so yummy! i wish i would have taken a picture, but truth is, we devoured it too fast.

did i tell you about my homemade ice cream too? sunday i made homemade vanilla ice cream--from scratch! that's right, i actually used our ice cream maker for the first time ever (it's only been eight years since we received it as a wedding gift!) and i have to admit, it was the best ice cream i've ever had. really. and you know how much i love me some ice cream!

oh and what about the mini cheesecakes with oreo crusts? john fell head over heels in love with them. who could blame him? they were like little cakes from heaven!

and of course there's the homemade lemon pound cake with fresh cherries i made on saturday. the batter was so good i was tempted to not even cook it!

i have been cooking up a storm. and trying out some new recipes from here and here, my two favorite cookbooks. they are really such "pretty" books, chock full of beautiful pictures, stories and of course, food.

any ideas for recipes with zucchini?

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