Thursday, July 31, 2008

teaching anna

today i was really disappointed in anna. over the past few days, she has shown me on three occasions how ungrateful she can be.

the first time, julie gave her a polly pockets she got from mcdonalds. anna told her she didn't like it and didn't want it. i reminded her gently to be polite and kind.

the second time, jason brought her a snow globe from germany. she loved it and gave him a big hug, but then once she saw josh's, she threw an absolute fit and told jason she didn't like her's and wanted josh's. i reprimanded her and told her that she hurt jason's feelings. she didn't really care and continue her fit. i was thankful that jason was used to kids.

today, i took anna to pick up josh with me. she saw a gift bag that he was given at camp and immediately began yelling and screaming about how she wanted something too. i quickly tried to get her to the car so i could get her under control. unfortunately, a man was watching us and tried to give her some autographed pictures of some vipers football players. she told him that she didn't like those and continued to cry louder. so the nice man went around the corner and got her a football jersey. again, he tried to suffice her, but she didn't want that either and would not take it. i was left making excuses for her behavior and i was very embarrassed.

in the car, i tried not to scream. i tried not to yell. but i couldn't help it. i was angry and upset. i need to figure out a way to teach her about gratitude. i need to show her that her actions are hurtful. and i think this is going to be tough.

i love her so much. but it's my job to teach her.

god, please give me the strength!

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