Monday, August 18, 2008

soccer saturday

we woke up to a slow rain on saturday. and the first thing out of anna's mouth was "i don't wanna play in the rain." poor thing.

lucky for us, she snapped out of it when she saw these water bottles i made for the team.

and of course once she had her uniform on, she was ready to play her first soccer game.

all the Pink Ponies came ready to play--and even had matching soccer ball ribbons in their hair!

during the game, anna had a huge breakaway. it was just her and the goal, no one could stop her...but she never looked up and ran right to the corner cone! oh well.

at one point, the girls decided to hold hands. then attempted to play while still holding hands. soccer just doesn't work this way.

but they sure had fun anyway! after the game, john gave ben his second haircut. now my sweet baby looks like a little boy!

and if you can ignore the mozzarella cheese stick hanging out of his mouth, check out these killer eyelashes. aren't you jealous? i sure am.

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