Sunday, September 14, 2008

sunday randomness

~random thoughts for a sunday~

while grocery shopping with anna, i saw a sign for flu shots.
i told anna i need to make appointments for us all to get ours.
she started crying, loudly of course, so everyone could hear her, "mommy, why do i need a POO shot?"

why is it that just as i finish making a sandwich for the kids, they change their minds and want something else? and it's the end of the world until they get it?

before we went to work, john fed one of our ducks in the yard. he was running late, but it was obvious the duck was hungry, so he went in the house and got some bread for him. this is why i love this man. he is so kind--to everyone--and it shows.

here's proof that i do let my house get super messy. look at ben and his 'i'm home sick from school tearing up the living room' mess.


i wish i could say that ben is doing better, but he is teething so bad. you should see the size of these teeth that are breaking through! it makes me cringe just looking at them. so i've just been loving on him a little more than usual.

one last thing. i wish i had some good pics of josh to post, but he's at a friend's house.


the pleated poppy said...

hi amy! i already sold out of the pin and clip you ordered! so sorry. email me at if you are interested in any others. thanks and sorry again!

Elle Jay Bee said...

Here's hoping those teeth come in soon for your sweet boy...

Good news, you have won one of the top prizes for the give-away. Please stop by my blog to see what you need to do to receive it. Congrats!!