Wednesday, November 12, 2008

way behind!

over the past week, we've been super busy with activities.
more family time = no blogging time. sorry!

last saturday, we celebrated john's bday. he is officially 34 now.

we really like to take funny pictures of each other, especially of ben. he is such a ham.

we have been spending a lot of time at the pond. the leaves and the pond area have been beautiful. pics by josh.

we've also had a lot of fun doing some rainy day art projects with our "we're not bored anymore" art jar from land of nod. what could be more fun than googly eyes, sequins, and glitter glue?

tonight we celebrated the end of anna's first soccer season with night at chik-fil-a. perfect--no one had to clean their house, we didn't have to tell the kids to stop screaming and running around like, well, 4 year olds, and clean up was a cinch! best party eva!

the girls loved their pink trophies. good job, coach daddy.

ok, i think we're all caught up now. off to bed!

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nana said...

Good job Mommy! The kids change all the time! Anna,your bangs are getting there,Josh your smiles are always sweet, and Ben you are getting more adorable every day. No wonder Mommy wants to stay home with you! Anna I loved the pink trophies! You are getting sooo tall and beautiful. My, look out Daddy. The little boys will be swarming.Love to all,Nana