Monday, January 5, 2009

i {HEART} you

today was ben's annual appointment with the pediatric cardiologist.
i knew he's been doing well and all, but i yearn to hear to it from a doctor--any doctor.

so this morning we arrived at his appointment, walked in, went back to the exam room and five minutes later i skipped out with a huge smile on my face!

the doctor told me ben's heart looks perfect.
oh, and awesome.
i feel so happy!

so what better to do when you're all happy and stuff, than to go to target.
that place is oozing with happiness.

i bought anna these cutie pie sandals--i know she'll lurve the cupcakes!
i also got these fun dish towels for my girls' night pokerkeeno gift. but i could have easily bought these instead. they are both so cute.

and to top off the crazy cuteness, i also bought anna some of these bed sheets and these too for her new big girl (full size) bed that will be coming later this week.
(did i mention we got josh some bunk beds and so we are going to be playing musical beds?? God bless craigslist!)

last thing, i bought myself this shirt. and although the picture really makes it look kind of fug, it really is very cute and organic looking. i think it will look great with some capris and a big chunky brown earthy necklace. you know how i like anything with brown on it.

the boys were very well behaved and we had a good time, well until i rounded the corner and spotted all their new home stuff (where the global bazzar stuff usually is and the christmas stuff was, you know.) then i just had to run out of there before i did anymore post-christmas damage!

now i'm off to tackle our master bedroom closet. how does it get so messy so fast? (this question is directed towards my hubby, so i'll let him answer that)

p.s. i think i said "cute" like 10 times in this post. sorry.
p.s.s. target has their christmas stuff 90% off! i'm just sayin.

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