Tuesday, January 13, 2009


last night john and i sat down and watched this indie movie called "once." i first read about it here, but i waited too long to see it.

it started and i don't think i moved one muscle until the credits rolled. it is nothing short of amazing, mezmorizing, sad, lonely, happy, wonderful, compelling, gripping, beautiful.

i just can't tell you enough wonderful things about it. i loved it and it is still haunting me today in the best way.

you can watch the movie trailer here and of course there are all kinds of clips on youtube.

the music in the movie is purely amazing. the theme song is still in my head and i just can't shake it. i'm actually having a hard time expressing exactly what i want to say about the movie. maybe it's too fresh in my mind or maybe i just felt so transfixed by it. either way, i hope you'll watch it and see for yourself.

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The Masters said...

Hey there....I don't know you, but found your blog while being snoopy of the commenters on Megan's "Whatever" site..and saw this post...I too LOVE this movie...the songs just uuhh...get to me! Also, when towards the end when they take the motorcycle ride to the park and he asks if she still loves her ex, and she responds in her native language, she is actually telling him, that no she loves him! Such a good movie...anyway just thought I would connect with a stranger this morning and share the love for a great movie!