Monday, February 16, 2009

busy, busy

we have been so busy the last two days.
sleepovers, friends over to play, taking apart the office/craft room and trying to decide how to put it back together.
oh--and adventures. lots of adventures.

anna fell asleep on the sofa at 5pm.
ben, after only having a 45 minute nap today, went to sleep at 6:45pm.
josh made it to 8, but barely.

i've been moody mom again.
not very nice.
(believe me, john will confirm)
i'm sorry about that and i'm trying to be better.

i have to go out of town again this week for a few days.
i'm miserable about it.
i just hope i can make it there and back safely (& quickly).
i'll miss these funny little people and my adorable hubby so badly.

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nana said...

Hello to my babies,john,amy josh,anna,and ben. I miss all of you soooo much. I love the pics of all of you. Anna the baker,Josh the entertainer,and little ben, the rock star-who let the dogs out-who who. Keep the stories and pictures coming!!!! Love to all,Nana