Tuesday, February 3, 2009

hello february

ok, so what happened to january?
where did it go so quickly?
please, 2009, slooowww dowwwnn.

not much to report on my end.
our family continues to motor on and stay busy.
baseball try-outs are this weekend so josh is looking forward to that (not really). anna has dance class tonight and ben has therapy tomorrow and thursday. same ole, same old.

anna reminded me last night that valentine's day is coming up.
we've already bought valentines already (that's right, i said 'bought'--the SHAME!!), but there are a lot of cute ideas out there too.

even though i don't have much time, i will def. have to make these cutie pretzels

we made something similar for our neighborhood block party this past summer, and the kids went gaga. maybe we'll make these tonight even because i'm drooling over this picture.

i guess that's it for today.
happy belated ground hog day--too bad we have 6 more weeks of winter. ugh.

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enamor said...

glad you like my recipe! :)