Saturday, February 7, 2009

kiddo update

the kiddos have been wild and crazy as usual. i figured it might be time for an update.

anna is still into drawing, especially tracing her hands and feet.

ben is so into his refrigerator music player. he takes it with him everywhere.

and of course, he loves to watch signing time.

anna's new thing is walking in my boots, but only if they are high heels.

but what about josh you might ask? well, he's so into his friends and video games that i haven't been able to catch him in a picture!

yesterday anna chose a new toy from her preschool's treasure box--a new little kitty she named sparkle. today just happened to be sparkles birthday, so this morning we celebrated.

and by the way, that's josh in the blue shirt.
see, he's still into us too...sometimes.

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