Friday, February 13, 2009


my house looked like valentine's day threw up all over it last night. lovely to visualize, huh? sorry.

candy, candy, some ribbon, lots of little baggies, and even more candy.

easy little valentines for ben's class (gummi bears and teddy grahams--bear hugs from ben),

lollipops and pokemon cards for josh's class,

seals and skunks with barbie cards and lots of candy for anna's class.

bad pictures, sorry.

this afternoon all the kids had parties.
josh later thanked me for the awesome valentines and for his secret card (i packed a music card in his lunch today so he could open it at school...totally copied the hallmark commercial! but he was psyched!).

when we got home, there were three packages on the porch.
nana outdid herself this year! webkins and candy. kiddie paradise.

so now i have three super happy kids. it's an all-around valentine-arama at our house!

tooth pics later this weekend. prepare yourselves--it's scary big!

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