Tuesday, March 3, 2009

decorating on the brain

i have been bitten by the decorating bug again.
and it's so hard.
i like so many different styles and it's hard to narrow it all down.
there's just so much good stuff out there!

we really need new dining room furniture and new kitchen chairs.
but i hate spending so much money at one time. makes my skin feel all tingly and butterflies start flying around in my tummy. why is furniture so expensive?? is it made of gold or something?

while i was surfing the web for inspiration, i ran across the new ballard designs spring stuff and fell in love with so many things.

unfortunately, my budget won't allow for most, if any, of these things, but check out some of my faves:

i might be able to afford some of that burlap ribbon (more burlap ms. doris! yipee!)

ok, gotta go now. american idol is on so i need to focus.

1 comment:

restyled home said...

I'm with you! I just realized that I haven't purchased furniture in 8 yrs. Me, who loves that stuff!! I think I am destined to be the accessory girl...

Thanks for the tag and for thinking of me. I might have to put it in my to do list for later, as we are renovating a house to sell and my days are spent painting and cleaning and the like. I loved reading yours. You sound like someone I could truly be friends with if we lived near...if you'd have me!

That sweet baby of yours sure is growing...!!