Tuesday, March 10, 2009


that's me. sorry.
but work is keeping me way too busy and i have come home and collapsed every night.
no time for blogging at all.
i hope to do better in keeping up with things because i really do love blogging.
and i love sharing our lives with you.
especially pictures like this

ben is doing great. scooting everywhere and into everything.
so much more vocal than before.
and again, so HAPPY!

josh has been challenging lately.
so sassy and so sensitive.
it's hard to read him sometimes.
but then again, he's still such a good boy.

anna has been sweet and funny and naughty too.
she has been singing taylor swift's 'love story' song everywhere.
it's adorable and makes me smile every time i hear her sweet voice, "baby just say...yes."

john's new job is ramping up now and he's getting some tough assignments.
my work is sucky and strenuous. would much rather be crafting or painting something or planting something.
it was 83 degrees today! must-plant-something!

a friend and coworker from canada was here the past few days.
had a lot of fun eating out and shopping with her (hit anthropology too. love that place!).
i wish she would move here because i think we would be good friends.
really good friends.
but back to montreal she went.

ok, i think we're caught up.
oh, one more thing.
kids market is this week. must hit that big sale.
i lied, two more things.
the spring craft show at the vbc is friday. for all you doris fans, better get there early. there's a burlap pillow with my name on it. i'll be the one wearing the boxing gloves fighting off all the blue hair ladies for my goodies!



mommaof4wife2r said...

super cute...and the drum reminds me that jk wants a drum for her bday..i'll send it to you when we get it from nana!

nana said...

Hi Everyone, Just want to say i miss you sweetthings.Anna , i hope you feel better. Can't wait to see you guys. April is coming very fast and before you know it we'll be at the beach! Kiddos you need to tell Nana and Poppy what you want for your birthdays!!!! Call us and let us know! Love and kisses, Nana