Wednesday, March 25, 2009

sorry but i gotta rant!

i rarely like to talk about my job on this blog.
although my job is a big part of my life, it really doesn't belong on this blog.
but my office mate has done left me this week and i haven't had an outlet at all! so i blame her! {wink}

my job is very fast paced. it is very interesting. and my job description usually makes people say "ahh, ooohh, that sounds so cool."

but lately it's turned into a whole bunch of responsibility with absolutely no authority.

it is my job to know everything about everything, but then at the last minute, change all my work for the past year because someone else has an opinion.

my job is full of people who like to hear themselves talk, people who want to make inputs whether they are worthwhile or not, people who like to impede the already stringent processes.

there is a reason most people in my job eventually leave for something else.
they get burned out.
and i'm there.

i'm at the point where i feel like i'm living my life to work. and not working to live my life. and it's not a good place at all.

so tomorrow, i'll get up and go in the office and probably reread this post and think, "gheez, who wants to read all your boo-hooing!"

or maybe you'll read this and think, "man, i've been there too!"

either way, i feel better just getting it out. and i hope tomorrow will be a better day. it's gotta be.

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...Nancy said..., i've been there too! hang in there Amy, it has its ups sometimes too!