Thursday, April 2, 2009

pirates (not the kind that say argggh)

still feeling like complete and total gar-bage. (said in a snooty french way, bien sur!)

and i've been sad too--like i've been missing out on some good things because i've been sick.

yesterday jason brought me lunch from atlanta bread co. yummy broccoli cheese soup in a bread bowl and a sandwich. i only ate the soup and honestly have no idea what was on the sandwich (but john seemed to like it!). it was good, but i still can't smell or taste so i felt sad.

later i laid in my bed and with the windows open, could hear my kids outside with john playing in the driveway and in our yard out front. i got up and looked out the window and saw everyone running around with big smiles on their faces, having fun...without me. i felt sad.

then it was time for josh's first baseball game. john packed up the crew and off they went to the ball fields. when they got home, it was after dark and late. anna told me that josh almost got a homerun. he was all smiles. then they got baths and went to sleep. the house was quiet again. and i felt sad.

being sick and staying in bed stinks. today i'm trying to get over the crud and move back into the land of the living. so no more sad for me, thank you very much.

this picture is helping me to feel better too.

josh is playing for the pirates this year.
doesn't he look old?
uh oh...i'm starting to feel sad again...


nana said...

Our Joshie is certainly changing! He looks so grown-up that i want to cry! Where did our little baby go! Josh you will always be our baby. You,Anna,and Ben will always be our babies! We don't get to see much of Mandee and Matt either. I hate being so far away from everyone sometimes that it makes me sad too! Love to all,Nana

mommaof4wife2r said...

so cute! and they do get bigger and bigger, but your baby, he will always be!

Chrissylynn1537 said...

Josh is getting so big! the last time I saw him was when he was a baby!! Anna & Ben are gorgeous! Miss You Amy!
Ron & Sherry's daughter