Sunday, April 5, 2009

yard sales and spring sunshine

saturday was a bright sunshiney day.
we were up early and out of the house by 7.
the kids love to go yard saleing so it wasn't very hard to coax them out the door.

anna found a new stuffed dolphin, a teeny tiny stuffed poodle and a pink tulle bed canopy.

josh hit the motherload of bionicles and magic tree house books.

ben got a new fisher price barn complete with the entire farm accessories.

uncle jason got a new pillow for his sofa (he didn't go but we found it for him!).

john even found a motorized scooter for $5!

i didn't find one stinkin thing. bah.

after shopping we went to uncle jason's to see his new stuff and hang out.
we checked out his backyard and pond.

then we went across the street to visit the city's rose garden.
it's so neat to read all the plaques there that talk about the history of the garden and people who lived there. even one about jason's house!

i'd love to show more pictures, but my camera battery is dead.
maybe tomorrow.

it was so beautiful and well-maintained. isn't jason super lucky to have the park a few steps from his home?

the rest of the day we played and worked outside.
and we all slept like babes. it was perfect.

of course tomorrow it's supposed to be cold again so i'll be dragging out the winter coats (hopefully for the last time!).
and it just started raining like crazy. more pollen.
and josh went to sleep at 4pm because he wasn't feeling good.
and i'm still not feeling 100%. and i have to go to work tomorrow.
good. great. grand.

but, i'm going to work on another 'stuff i like' post so stay tuned for that.

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