Thursday, May 28, 2009

do-it-yerself chalkboard

one of my favorite things in my kitchen is my big chalkboard.

anna draws me a new picture every few weeks--usually depicting some adventure we recently had or something she thought was beautiful.

this week's drawing was a big sunflower.
and even though we haven't seen the sun for very long these past few weeks, it was anna's way of bringing the lost sunshine into our home.

if you want to make a chalkboard for yourself, head on over to hobby lobby.

you'll need:
an open-back frame of your choice,
a piece of fiber board or other hard art board to fit the frame (they sell these over by the canvases, usually in a pack of 2),
picture clips and a picture hanger,
and some chalkboard paint.

bring it home, cover your kitchen table with newspaper.
get out some old paint that matches your decor (or new paint if you choose) and have at it.

let it dry for a few hours,
while that's drying, paint the art board with the chalkboard paint.
after they're all dry, sand a few places on the frame so if it gets scratched up you won't be mad at your children,

attach the clips and hanger with a small hammer and set the chalkboard into place.

and you didn't even need your husband for this one. it's just that easy!

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jaybriggs said...

Is this a hint? :)