Sunday, June 28, 2009

keepin cool

john tiled all day again.
lots and lots of little cuts with the wet saw.
but it's all done.
unfortunately my camera got wet earlier today and now when i take a picture, everything looks pink.
i'll try and get some pictures on here tomorrow.
i just know you're dying to see what it all looks like. (wink)

so how did it get wet, you ask?
well, a "cool" front came through this afternoon and we were actually able to get outside for a little while without burning to a crisp.

john set the kids loose on the deck with a hose.
i grabbed my camera and tried to capture some moments.
one of those moments included a good soaking by josh.

this sweet girl went to a birthday party for her preschool BFF yesterday and cried for an entire hour when she got home because she missed her so much.
i felt so bad for her! it was just so sad!

check out ben's soggy diaper bum. note to self: try a swim diaper next time!

josh may look cool here, but truth is, he wore my chunky turqoise necklace and one of my halloween bracelets almost all weekend.
did i just admit that i own a halloween bracelet?

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meg duerksen said...

amy i love your deck! did you do that checkerboard effect? i LOVE it!