Thursday, July 2, 2009

stuff i'm digging at the moment...

just a list of some things that are making me happy today:

- raspberry creme coffee with a little vanilla creamer! yummy!

- shopping at goodwill and finding neat little things to repurpose and reinvent, all the while channelling my inner grandmom briggs and lovin' it!

- "two-for" days on the radio. just heard wild horses and sympathy for the devil by the rolling stones back-to-back. my love for that era's music runs deep...takes me back to the nights when my mom would iron uniforms for hours on end and we would listen to the beatles and the stones, the eagles, led zeppelin. i love that music. good stuff.

- matt nathanson's music. added a new song over yonder in my playlist. this is a popular song now, but his albums are awesome. my newest music crush.

- my new boden sale catalog. why, oh why, do you make heart pitter patter, mr. boden??!! i want it all. there, i've admitted it. isn't that the first step, admitting you have a problem?

- this cutie project from better homes and gardens.

(must make one for ben's room--i think i'm subconsciously starting an alphabet theme in there)

- meg's front porch makeover on the inspired room blog. it feels so "meg" and i love it. reminds me of super comfy and homey. just what i like.

- emails from a sweet friend who is a long way from home. her sincerity brought me to tears today and filled my heart with such love. i miss you stace. be good and be safe.

- last, but certainly not least, this picture of ben from two years ago.

every time i kiss his neck, he laughs just like he did here.

edited to add:
stuff i'm not digging at this moment...
why is blogger turning ben's picture? ugh!
oh well, you get the point.


...Nancy said...

i digging your blog! :-)

...Nancy said...

let me rephrase...~fingers are faster than brain~...I AM digging your blog! (sheesh, I hate when I sound like a dumbo!)

nana said...

Amy i still dig those songs by the stones,beatles,led! My where did the time go!And little benny has come a long way too! Love to all and see you soon,Nana

ParkerMama said...

I'm loving the Goodwill too!