Thursday, August 13, 2009

who has time to think of a clever title for this post?

after weeks of wiggling, josh's little tooth finally decided to come out.
it was hanging by a thread for days.
he would not touch it.
it was driving me crazy!

{i wish i had a picture to show you, but he wouldn't smile.
he was mad because he wanted to play a video game and we have a rule about no video games on a school night.}

when my friend kelly and i were little girls, we always wanted to be missing the same teeth.
i can remember practically pulling my teeth out if kelly had lost one so we would always be matching.
and she would do the same too.
we were so weird like that.
but at the time, it was awesome.
we were so cool.

and i guess we were dramatic too.
but never like this one.

before being told it's time for bed:

after being told it's time for bed:

ben's tooth seems fine. and he did a little better today.
still lots of morning drop-off tears (for me), but it was better.
a teensy tiny bit better.

he seemed so much happier this evening.
so happy to sit on daddy's lap and watch some football.

maybe that's why it's a better day today.
there is football on tv!
thanks be to God!

john started the adding the mouldings on the kitchen island.
our friend is coming on monday to start painting it.
i can't wait. yet another reason to be thankful.

of course these are superficial reasons, but you know what i mean.

time to put the kiddos to bed.
looking forward to a quiet house, a comfy sofa, and a new southern living magazine.

time to slow down for the night.
thank goodness it's (almost) the weekend.

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