Monday, August 3, 2009

welcome back daddy

john came home late last night.
this morning, the kiddos woke up and came running to our bedroom to see him.

anna crawled in bed with us and kept kissing him.
she begged him never to leave her again.
josh told him he missed him so much.
ben just squealed, "daadeee!"

they all wanted to know what he got them.
john always gets little gifts for them. he loves to spoil them.
he bought josh a small lego set and anna some markers that write on windows.
(poor ben didn't get anything but extra kisses, but he was ok with that!)

if you really want to make your kids happy, buy them these markers.
anna drew for hours straight. and now i have her artwork everywhere.

it makes me so happy.
smiley ocean animals (above), tiny american flags, flower gardens.
happy, happy, happy!

so very happy to have you home daddy.

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