Wednesday, September 16, 2009

9 years

another year has gone by.
john and i have been married for nine years now.

and again we spent our anniversary with another man...the colonel.

it's tradition for us to have kfc on our anniversary.
no reason really, just something we did one year and have continued.
i mean, who wouldn't want kfc?! :)

i was thinking today about how far we've come over nine years.
john had braces when i met him.
and a bowl hair cut.
and a very. stinky. sweaty. baseball hat. yuck!

but i still thought he was so cute.
and he had such a nice neck (seriously)...and thighs (too much?).
when we talked on the phone it was for hours at a time.
every time we said goodbye, i couldn't wait to see him again. in fact sometimes it was almost to much to bear. i didn't want to be away from him at all.

he has this way of making everyone feel so comfortable and at ease around him.
he is so patient and kind and just plain ol' nice.
and he really is. he's not pretending! there is nothing fake about him at all.

john, i feel very lucky to have been by your side for these nine years.
happy anniversary babe! you mean everything to me.


KMc said...

Happy Anniversary! We also LOVE KFC, good choice! ;-)

Angela said...

Awww....happy anniversary! Matthew and I will celebrate nine years of marriage this November 19. But on September 24, we will celebrate the ten-year anniverary of our first date! We're going back to the Chili's where we ate on that first date. :)