Wednesday, September 30, 2009

anna's magic quilt

my aunt bon made this quilt for anna when she was a baby.
we've always told her it was her magic quilt.
when she was a toddler and started having bad dreams, we told her the magic quilt would keep the bad dreams away. it worked like a charm and she believed us.
to this day, this is her magic quilt.

while laying on the couch, still home sick and feeling puny, she eyed the tag aunt bon sewed on it.

what does this say mommy?
it says made with love by aunt bon.

this quilt is magic, right?
i told josh this quilt has magic in it and he said "can it fly?!"

one time i slept without it and (after watching ghost busters) i dreamed that ghosts were eating me!

now that aunt bon is in heaven and anna doesn't see her like she used to, i feel so much love and so much happiness in watching her snuggle with the magic quilt.
and i, too, believe there is magic in there.


Becca Jane said...

I just found your blog, and I love it! Both of my kids are lucky to have hand-made quilts from their great-great grandma....such a special gift!!
Magic adorable!

nana said...

Dad and i checked out the blog today and we certainly hope Anna is feeling better! I know her Aunt Bon is keeping her safe as her special angel and the magic quilt will help too! Love to all,Nana

P.S. I miss my sister too!

Julie S said...

Hi Amy

I just love your blog. It makes me smile everytime I see it. You do such a great job making others feel warm and homey!

Anonymous said...
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