Monday, September 21, 2009

country living fair

it's so hard for me to try and sum up my trip.
tricia (my officemate) and i drove up to ohio on thursday morning.
we did not turn on the radio even once. we talked the entire time!
neither of us had been away from our children except for work or emergencies.
never ever.

we were so excited it was nutty.

we got to our hotel and fifteen minutes later, my mom and aunt sue got there.
we were all so excited it was crazy.

the next morning, we all practically ran to the fair.

and it was everything i ever wanted.
tricia and i hugged each other, twice i think, because we were so excited and giddy.

the booths were amazing, the setting was perfect and the people were so sincerely nice.

we all got some great stuff. i should have taken pictures of all of it.
when we were walking around the grounds, people stopped us and asked us where we got our stuff.
it was just that good.

my favorite booth was the urban farmhouse booth.

the girls there were so sweet and i seriously think i could have bought their entire stock.

ok, i admit it...i went a little nuts there. but i told you, we were nutty!!

there is so much i could say about our little adventure, but it would never capture how i really felt the entire time i was there.
my family is the best.
my mom and aunt are so cool.
my office mate rocks. we could easily be soul sisters.

i had the most lovely time and i can't wait to go back.

p.s. in case you were wondering, john and kiddos did just fine! :)


Angela said...

I was practically giddy hearing about your good time!!! Glad you got some good deals and had a wonderful day. :)

kellymac429 said...

So jealous : )...I want to hang w/that fun group of girls!

...Nancy said...

soooooo glad you gals had a great time! :-)

meg duerksen said...

oh wow! it sounds like you had an awesome time!
i am hearing all about this fair but it's nowhere by me...bummer.