Sunday, October 4, 2009

buddy walk 2009

our saturday was packed.
community yard sales, buddy walk, josh's football game, penn state football game.

lucky for us, julie and uncle jay decided to come along and give us a hand with the mayhem.

the buddy walk was just wonderful.
nothing else to say about it really.

our little down syndrome group here, Bringing Up Down Syndrome (BUDS), just rocks.
it was held in our city's minor league baseball team's stadium again this year.

there was lots for the kids to do, games and activities, tons of freebies and goodie bags, and lunch donated by honey baked ham. YUM.

oh, and the auction, how could i forget the auction.
our small entourage took home about 1/2 of the stuff. it was actually embarrassing. we just kept winning! :)

we were just so busy the entire time, john only managed to snap a few pics.
ironically, i didn't touch the camera even once. that's a first!

i'm a little bummed that we didn't get a family pic. but at least we have the memories. thanks to everyone who came out and participated for our children.

later on, josh did pretty good at his game. we arrived late and he had to jump right in--after playing in the sun for hours at the buddy walk!
he managed to score one touchdown and almost had another but ran out of bounds at the 5 yard line.
still so glad he didn't do the touchdown dance uncle jay taught him. that fresh thing!

it was so good to see julie again. it's been too long and we've all missed her so much. what a brave soul to spend the day with us.
we almost convinced her to babysit for us too! i'll have to keep working on that one.
especially since we must have ran uncle jay off. didn't hear from him all day today--he's probably still beat from chasing after ben all afternoon!

well, not much to say tonight. still tired from such a busy day on saturday and a rainy blah day today.
hoping for a little sunshine tomorrow to help get me moving!

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nana said...

Gosh i wish we were there! You guys had such a great time and we missed out again! Glad Aunt Julie and Uncle Jay were there for the fun. I know as god-parents it was great for Ben to have them there for this special day too! Love to all,Nana