Thursday, October 8, 2009

jason's bday

tonight we celebrated uncle jay's birthday.
the kids were so excited to give him his cards, presents and most of all, his cake.

we ate pizza, cake and ice cream and watched night at the museum.

i'm sure it wasn't uncle jay's most exciting bday ever, but i think he knows how much we love him, that's for sure.

watching the end of the office. pam and jim just snuck away and got married.
could be my most favorite office ever.
gotta go, i'm missing the big dance scene!

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meg duerksen said...

i love that top photo amy! great angle.
the office was so good.
i just love it. can you imagine that couple who had that dance at their real wedding? that the office did that scene?!! how much more cool can you get. i love it.