Thursday, October 1, 2009

a snapshot

a few snapshots of our day at home, taking care of anna.

lots of drawing with scented markers, chicken noodle soup and ginger ale.

lots of snuggling on the couch, cuddling with soft, worn-in stuffed animals, visits from spongebob and squidward.

later on in the afternoon, a few snapshots of the boys.
josh showing john a preview of the new star wars game coming out (he's so great at using a computer already!),

and ben made some new friends--the wonder pets.

my favorite part of the day was seeing ben's teeny tiny little hiney crack peeking out the top of his pajamas.

have you ever seen a cuter crack? well, i guess most people wouldn't think of a hiney crack as cute. whatever. :)
it was so nice to be home with my little family.


Becca Jane said...

Your daughter has the most beautiful face!

Kylie Mc said...

My son LOVES the Wonder Pets...truth be told I got a little hooked myself. ;-)

nana said...

Glad Anna's feeling better! Yes Ben does have the cutest crack! Only a mother or grandmother would love it sooo much! Josh is going to send me a xmas list. It's our little secret! Love to all, Nana