Monday, November 23, 2009

the $5 kitchen table

i found this table at a thrift shop for $5.

it had the most horrible, stained, peeling, just plain weird top.
right before our pumpkin party, john cut a few pine boards and stained them to make a new top.

but i would not let him touch the base at all.
nuh uh.
no way.
STEP AWAY from the perfectly chippy green paint.

that chippy peely green paint is why i had to have it in the first place.
i love it to pieces.

we are using it in our kitchen for a little while so john can refinish our old kitchen table.
i have every intention of putting this beauty in my new office/craft room.
i think he would make a perfect sewing table!
but for now, he's perfectly content being in our kitchen.
best five bucks i've spent yet.

BUT now this little sweetheart is all kinds of jealous...


nana said...

Amy i love the table. Keep your eyes open for another one for me! I think it looks great in the kitchen( i think i would have to leave it there). Love yo all,Nana

Heather said...

It looks great!

REbekah said...

Oooooo!! I LOVE it!!! Yeah..the green paint HAD TO stay!!! Beautiful!!! And what a great deal!!

KMc said...

Wow, Amazing! Btw, I love the artwork in your header. It's nice to see Thanksgiving. I feel like it's always overlooked with the whole "lets start Christmas in October" thing. :-) said...

WHAT!? 5 bucks? oh my, you lucky thing!
it is gorgeous!
Happy Thanksgiving