Thursday, November 5, 2009

right now...

i'm home sick from work. i feel yucky.
i'm sitting on the sofa eating popcorn with old bay seasoning.
i'm watching bobby flay on the food network. i heart bobby flay.
the back door is open and a cool sunny breeze is blowing through the screen door.
the older kids will be home in the next hour or so. the house is quiet without them.
i just chopped some potatos to make mashed potatos with dinner.
i wish i had energy to go to the grocery store. we need groceries BADLY!
the dryer buzzer just went off. i hate laundry.
i think i'll take a few more tylenols and lay down.
laundry can wait.

1 comment:

...Nancy said...

Get well Amy. I stole some Halloween candy from your office in your absense. Thanks alot - how I'll get fat. You have to come back to protect me from myself!