Tuesday, December 1, 2009

christmas trivia

saw this over at clover lane.
loved it. :)

1. Best childhood gift from Santa:
a pair of cowgirl boots and a fur coat.
pretty sure the boots were real leather, but the coat was not real fur. who cares--i felt like a supermodel in them both.
especially when worn together!

2. Best childhood memories:
taking pictures on my grandmother's steps with all my cousins.
boatloads of kids everywhere!

3. Favorite Christmas cookies:
Grandmom Briggs' butter cookies.
hands down.

4. Icky Christmas memory:
i can't really think of one. although i'm sure my mom would have to say the time i had my neighbor (and bff) sleep over every. single. night. of our Christmas break! it was a sleep over MARATHON! thanks mom, by the way.

5. It's not Christmas without:
music from Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker.
my Grandfather loved this and gave me a tape cassette when i was really, really little.
to this day, i can't listen to it without thinking of him.

6. Our Church Service:
usually an early evening mass or a candlelight ceremony at a nearby church.
i get choked up when the entire church is lit with candlelight and we all sing silent night.
in fact, i'm choked up right now thinking about it.

7. Christmas Pet Peeve:
all the rules about who gives who.
i just want to buy what i want for who i want.
no dollar amount or limitations.
makes it hard to enjoy the important stuff--like giving.

8. Favorite Christmas CD:
Harry Connick Jr.'s When My Heart Finds Christmas or Time-Life Treasury of Christmas.

9. Real or Fake:
hard to admit because i really don't like it, but fake.
we have a huge tree to go in our living room that is fake.
every year i throw a fit, make the declaration to buy a real tree, but john gives me "the look" and i say ok and help him get down the monster, er, uh, tree.

10. I spend Christmas Eve:
at church, then later we get in our jammies (all of us), and pile in the car with our hot cocoas and drive around looking at christmas lights.
the kids LOVE it.
then we go home, open one small gift, and tuck the kids in bed.
one year, john and i opened all our gifts to each other on Christmas eve, ALONE, and spent the morning enjoying the kids. that was nice too.



Sarah said...

Love it...and that's a pretty good looking fake tree...you're tempting me!

Kelli said...

That was a fun post!!

nana said...

Loved the pictures! They bring back so many memories!Hope Josh does well on his spelling test. I know he tries hard every week and sometimes words don't come so easily. I can remember those days too! Love to all,Nana