Wednesday, January 6, 2010


just wanted to capture a few silly sights around our house.

anna wearing 3D glasses from the movies.

this girl cracks me up.
every time i turn around, she's wearing 'em.
and if her hair happens to fall in her face with them on, she tells us this is her rock star look.

and of course, the ben boy.
with his new "toddler-proof" mp3 player. (yeah, we'll see how long it lasts.)

it came loaded with some sweet nursery rhymes.
but john quickly uploaded a few black eyed peas songs and now ben's in HEAVEN.
i love how he carries it around like it's a beat box, up next to his ear.
and you should see him dance.
his foot is always tapping and his booty's a-shakin!

the weather forecasters are calling for a dusting to one inch of snow tonight.
schools all across the tennessee valley are closing early.
please don't laugh--it's a small, rare gift for our kids to have a snow day.
they would gladly welcome one itty bitty inch of snow.
fingers crossed, toes crossed, arms and legs crossed too!

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nana said...

Hi guys! Just drinking coffee from my new mug from Christmas. Poppy and I just love our new mugs! Thanks for a wonderful time and I sure hope you get your wish for snow. We are suppose to get snow too--about an inch or two. Love to all,Nana