Monday, January 25, 2010

an update on the benster

ben is a pistol.
always moving, always into something, always on the go.
he's a delight. but he's a pill too.
he has several BAD habits.

#1. ben throws his sippy cup one jillion times a day.
we are forever picking it up and putting it on the table.
we tell him one jillion times a day to NOT throw his cup.
he does it anyway.

#2. ben like the phone.
he likes to dial strange phone numbers and breathe heavy into the receiver.
he especially likes to dial the operator, put her on speaker, and proceed to breathe heavily into the receiver.
we tell him one jillion times a day to put the phone down.
he does it anyway.

#3. ben likes to climb the stairs.
he's great at climbing UP. not so great at climbing DOWN.
he can climb down, but he needs assistance.
we tell ben one jillion times a day to stay off the stairs.
he does it anyway.

#4. ben likes to run down the sidewalk or street or parking lot, etc.
he is FAST. he makes adults run after him.
did i mention he is FAST?
we tell ben one jillion times a day to wait for mommy or daddy.
he does it anyway.

yes, he's a pistol. but he's my pistol.
i love him more than life itself.
sometimes i catch myself smothering him in kisses and think, "i better stop, he must have to breathe at some point."
but he's so darn kissable!

ben is really into elmo right now.
he still loves cars and trucks, but elmo is his main man.
uncle jay hit it outta the park with this year's Christmas gift.

some other ben stuff:
he's signing like mad crazy. he knows mom, dad, girl, boy, all done, more, night night, milk, cereal, cracker, cup, fish, cat, dog, bird, bath, hot, full, tree, car, stars, eat, popcorn, airplane, i think those are the everyday ones.

he can say dad, ma, anna, buck, bath, go, all done, pop, night night and of course, he loves to roar.

tonight, ben isn't feeling well. his nose is runny and he has a low-grade fever.
at 7:00 on the dot, he came over to me and asked me to take him night night.
he was ready.

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