Tuesday, February 16, 2010

nella's story

a week or two ago i discovered a new blog.
another baby born with down syndrome.
another mommy struggling to stay afloat.
i posted her brave birth story over there-------------------->

i wish every person in the world would read it.
it's beautiful.
and so is little miss nella.
(oh how i love that name)

photo by nella's mommy: kellehamptonphotography.com

i've been keeping up with them almost daily.
their highs and lows.
the other day, i left a comment on a post that resonated so strongly with me.

Blogger amy said...

oh how i wish i could give you a hug. and we're total strangers. but the thing is, you are living a life completely like mine. one day, almost three years ago now, i awoke to a very similar scene. i was fumbling, searching, at times, begging, for my old life. a life before down syndrome. but, with all confidence, i can tell you that my "new" life is so much better than my old one. you were let in on a little secret a few weeks ago. that life is full of many imperfections and thankfully so. it's those imperfections that add character and richness and depth to our lives. i know you get it already. i can tell in your last few posts. the sadness will fade, the recurring diagnosis will too, and love will fill in the spaces until it's oozing all over! your daughters are beautiful. you are blessed.

sending much love your way,

and i thought, long and hard, afterwards.
i thought about my birth story. my highs and lows.
and still i think how important it is for you who read our blog, our story, to realize the importance, the impact, the enormity of it all.
this is our life.
this is our life.
down syndrome is in it and it's here to stay.
in fact it was in our lives way before ben came along.
but to understand us, you must understand all of it, the whole story, and with it, you must understand and NOT FEAR down syndrome.

i hope you will take a few mintues to read nella's birth story.
to digest it, maybe cry a little, FEEL it.
it is beautiful and sweet, but also hard and real.
this is LIFE.


Kelli said...

This birth story is one of the most moving stories I have ever read. However, I am so moved by it because it does also remind me of my own and how I felt when it "happened". Colin will be 10 months this week and I can't believe how my life has been changed.

Great post!

Kylie Mc said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. It is so touching, emotional, and inspirational. I think we feel this pressure to have "picture perfect" lives. But a perfect life is one with challenges and unexpected journies, that is afterall what makes us the strong women that we are. And that is also what makes us truly appreciate, value and love life. ;)