Monday, February 15, 2010

our day off

we took the kids to the book store this morning.
john chased ben all over the store while the big kids checked everything out.
josh wanted a new calvin and hobbes book.
anna spent a lot of time in the animal book aisle.
"one day when i'm a veterinarian it would be good to have this one so i can see the insides of the animals."

she really impressed me with this one. i have no doubt she'll be an awesome veterinarian.

later ben rediscovered one of his Christmas presents and has been having fun with it all afternoon.

he's so on the move, every single picture i take of him is blurry.
CUTE, of course, but blurry!

josh had a friend sleepover last night.
he's starting to get to the point where unless he has a friend with him, he's not having fun.
i turned the tv off and declared NO VIDEO GAMES for the rest of the day.
but he vaccumed the downstairs for us and earned some computer time.

it's been snowing here all day. the kids just came in from looking for icicles and now there's wet clothes everywhere and now some spilled hot cocoa on the kitchen floor.

and that about finishes up the day here.

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Kelli said...

What cuties you have!! :)