Friday, February 12, 2010

snow weekend?

saw this today on and thought it was adorable.

we were expecting some snow this morning and got none.
i'm not complaining one bit, but the children were feeling a little let down.
i think some of these pancake snowmen might make them forget all about the white stuff.

while i'm writing this, john is upstairs changing ben's poopy diaper.
he just yelled LOUDLY and i hollered up asking what was the matter.
he yelled that ben was picking up his own poo and throwing it at him!
josh and anna cannot control their giggles.
they are on the floor laughing hysterically.
now he's running a bath for ben...or maybe for himself.

nothing like a little poo-throwing for a FUN friday night!
have a great weekend friends!


Lara Harris said...

Very cute :)

nana said...

Well was it Ben or John that got the bath? Hope all is well today.Will talk to you tomorrow! Love Nana