Saturday, February 27, 2010

want to remember

some random things i want to remember about this past week.
(as i get older i find it's better to write stuff down than to try and remember it on my own. my mind is full of too much stuff already.)

--watching a show about tornadoes. anna says, "ok, i never want to go there on vacation."

--josh likes to wear a hoodie every day-with the hood up. he thinks he looks cool.

--ben signing "fish". it's the cutest thing ever.

--josh hopes he gets to play second base this year in baseball. we'll see.

--josh's favorite tv show is wheel of fortune. at 6:30 every night, he runs to turn on the tv.

--anna ate ribs for lunch and literally had bbq sauce from ear to ear.

--ben loves to play basketball. he only stops to poop. seriously. then he's back at it.

--josh loves vacuuming. and he does a really good job too!

--when i put ben to bed and cuddle with him one last time for the night, he takes my hand and puts it on his head. he loves for me to stroke his hair over and over.

--anna made herself some homemade bubble solution and is obsessed with blowing bubbles.

--ben loves sour gummi worms. he followed me around the kitchen all day sunday waiting for me to give him another one.

--i really want to get this rug from target for the playroom.
oops how did that one get in there?

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nana said...

I knew Josh took after me! Love Nana