Wednesday, March 24, 2010

so much to say, but i'm tired.

to say i'm tired is an understatement.
we have been so busy with my parents visiting.

they came down, found themselves a house, and bought it!
they should be alabama residents by the end of april.
can you believe it?

the entire home-buying process is so stressful.
all the looking and contemplating and comparing. contracts and counter-offers, etc.
then comes the hard part--inspections and attorneys and closing costs.
it's really so exhausting...and i'm not even the one buying a house!!!

BUT, it's all done. and we are thrilled.
the kids are freaking out-excited that they will see their grandparents all the time.
i am very grateful that things seem to be falling into place for them.

so in about four short weeks, they'll be here for good.
then comes the fun part...the decorating!


Kelli said...

Ugh, tell me about the stress! We are currently selling/buying, were in attorney review...and I got 2 phone calls today...congrats your out, and, um, no...not only are you now NOT out, but they want to recind their offer based on some wording in the contract that was an accident. Ugh!

So excited for your family though! I love having our parents relatively close by!

Anonymous said...

Many congrats to them as well as you guys for having them close! But before I read the post, I seriously said "They must be in Texas." That house looks so similar to our old one in TX. ha ha!