Thursday, April 8, 2010

a blessed morning

he ran a fever last night and is not feeling well today.
he plays well by himself, especially if there are hot wheels involved.

he babbles constantly. some i understand, most i do not.

but it's exciting. i am excited to have conversations with him using words.
i can't wait to hear him call me mommy.
the sounds are coming. they are slowly developing in his brain and before we know it, we'll be telling him to hush.

he looks at me for a second, making sure i'm still where i should be as he continues to play. i sip my coffee and watch.

the rain still falls softly outside but the birds are starting to chirp. a little chickadee is at our bird feeder; i see him through the kitchen window. the rain has slowed enough for him to grab a bit to eat. as i look out, i notice our roses are full of buds. it won't be long until they bloom, only a few more weeks, usually around anna's birthday.

the house is quiet and happy.
it's a blessed morning at home with my ben boy.

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Kelli said...

Sounds like the best morning!