Monday, April 12, 2010

random notes

anna resurrected the kitty cat ears and tail all weekend.

she wore them everywhere. even grocery shopping.

josh is no longer grounded so he was allowed to play computer games again. ben loves to watch.
i need to write another post of some stuff that's been going on with josh.
remind me later, k?

nana called and wanted to chat with anna.
and i watched helplessly as my baby girl transformed into a teenager right before my very eyes.

i know it sounds sappy but doesn't she look GROWN UP here??!?
every night, when i tuck her into bed, i hug her and ask her to stop growing. she just giggles at me and hugs my neck.

did you check out loving alina today?
lisa and alina finally met...and it was beautiful, just beautiful.

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Svetlana Petrova said...

Guten Tag from across the pond fair lady :)

I am really loving your blog--you inspire me Amy J!

Miss you much, and in the meanwhile, keep on writing this great stuff that keeps so many entertained :)

XOXOXO Blogs & Kisses XOXOXO